• Participant Register for Shop Shoalhaven Pop Up Shop

    Want to rent a pop up shop?

    Shop Shoalhaven is looking for anybody who believes that they have what it takes to operate a pop up shop. Shops could be filled by creative people that want to turn an empty space into a temporary art gallery, or people who want to sell homemade goods; home based business people looking to trial a shop front or office space or even community groups looking for increased exposure. Shop Shoalhaven is keen to hear from anyone that has an idea that would activate some empty space.

    Licensee responsibilities

    People or organisations wishing to participate in Shop Shoalhaven will enter into a licence agreement to use the space. The licence agreement will outline all licensee responsibilities and these will be negotiated directly with the landlord or landlord's representative.

    Key points to remember are:

    • The licence agreement will be in place for no longer than 6 months. After that time, should you wish to continue to use the space, you will have to enter into a commercial lease with the landlord.
    • The licence agreement will be a 30-day rolling licence. That means that the landlord will be able to terminate the agreement and provide the licensee with 30 days' notice to leave the premises.
    • The licence agreement will specify hours of operation. Shop Shoalhaven is designed to activate vacant retail and office space so there will be an expectation that these spaces are open for at least 5 days per week.
    • The licensee must have appropriate public liability and plate glass insurance.
    • There will be costs associated with the use of the space. Licensees will be responsible for outgoings and may have to pay a weekly licence fee. Once again this will be negotiated between the licensee and the landlord and will be covered in the licence agreement.


    Please register if you think that you have what it takes to start a Shop Shoalhaven pop up shop.

    Participant Register for Shop Shoalhaven Pop Up Shop

  • Landlord Register for Shop Shoalhaven Pop Up Shop

    Want to lease your retail space?

    We are looking for interested retail landowners who would be interested in participating in Shop Shoalhaven. Landlords are integral to the success of any pop up shop project and participating leads to a number of positive outcomes. Having someone occupying your empty property can:

    • Attract visitors and foot traffic to revitalise a local area
    • Lead to renewed interest from commercial tenants
    • Avoid devaluation of property - cheap leases can 'devalue' property on paper as property values are assessed on lease values
    • Grow the long-term value of the property - creative activity and cultural vitality in an area can push up property prices
    • Reduce vandalism, squatting and other illegal activity
    • Lower or even eliminate some maintenance costs
    • Lead to lower insurance costs - occupied properties are generally cheaper to insure


    Generally, being a part of Shop Shoalhaven means:

    • Providing your empty space for a creative venture on a temporary basis - no longer than 6 months
    • You decide which specific projects you want to host and when you want to end the arrangement
    • Negotiating a licence agreement (a contract) to allow access to the space - this does NOT trigger the statutory obligations, rights, costs and responsibilities for either party that are required for a lease
    • No 'opportunity cost' for participating in the scheme
    • The occupier keeps the space clean and presentable, pays all outgoings associated with their occupancy (such as water, gas and electricity bills), keeps it open as required and takes care of the building until you want it back.


    How does Shop Shoalhaven work?

    Shop Shoalhaven participants are provided with a non-commercial 30 day rolling notice licence to occupy. The key features of this model are:

    • Utilities paid for by the participants and the licence fee is negotiated between the licensee and landlord (or landlord's representative).
    • Ongoing monthly licence with only 30 days notice required to vacate ensuring that the landlord is able to enter into a commercial tenancy should a tenant be found.
    • 5 year tenure does not apply under this licence agreement.
    • $20 million public liability and plate glass insurance paid by the participants.


    Landlord Register for Shop Shoalhaven Pop Up Shop